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Talking Tape Measure (Cobalt)

Category(s): tools

This is the talking tape measure formally built by Cobalt and now exclusively by Reizen Inc. Hear Measurements in a Clear, Male Voice Measures length up to 16 feet Just press the button and it announces the length in millimeters English speaki

Talking Tools where to buy

Category(s): tools,Measuring and Marking,Accessible Tools

Wixey Digital Bluetooth Angle Cube WR300BT [Order Here $49.99](http://wixey.com/anglegauge/index.html) Smart Protractor with Bluetooth (WR 41BT) 8” with aluminum arms. [Order Here $49.99](http://www.wixey.com/digitalprotractor/buy/index_2020-0

Tape King Talking Tape Measure with Spirit Level and Clinometer‎

Category(s): tools,Measuring and Marking,Accessible Tools

New Innovative Talking Tape Measure, Clinometer and Spirit Level Tape King is a robust, smart talking tape measure for length up to 16.4 feet (~5 meters) and it is a talking clinometer and acoustic spirit level. FEATURES MEASURING up to 5 me

Ten most popular router bit profiles

Category(s): tools

Router Bit Descriptions From:[woodworking-about.com ](http://woodworking.about.com/b/2007/10/17/the-ten-basic- router-bit-profiles.htm) (c) 2007 Chris Baylor licensed to About.com, Inc.###Beading Router Bit Beading Router Bit Profile. (c) 2007 C

Using the WorkSharp 3000

Category(s): tools

This article explains how to setup and use the Work Sharp 3000 Most chisels are at 25 degrees unless you put a micro bevel on and you will need a honing guide for that. ##Setting the Angles Here is how you set the angles. There is a handle at the