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Miter Saw Jig for Small Parts

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

When cutting small parts on a miter saw you need to control the saw with one hand while firmly holding the work piece with the other while keeping your fingers out of the way of the blade. To remove your hands from being so close to the blade, you need a

Router table fence Micro Adjustment Jig

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

After reading about all of the benefits of micro-adjustments I decided it was finally time to make one. Took me all of 10 or 15 minutes. I had a scrap of maple 1 by 1 1/2 x 5 inches long. I found a threaded insert, three-eighths inch diameter, No. 20 th

Shelf Pin Jig

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

A clever shelf pin jig. Use a plunge router for straight evenly spaced shelf pin holes. I have one of those plastic shelf pin jigs that you use the spring loaded drill bit to drill a quarter inch hole for the pin. The problem with that system is I'm

Spline Jig for Picture Frames

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

A simple jig for adding splines to picture frames. This jig is made of MDF, but the material may not matter. I used three pieces of stock about twenty inches long and one of those pieces of stock is cut to the same width as your table saw fence. Th

Stacked Dado Set

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

The Stacked Dado set for Table and Radial Arm saws. Description and usage by Dale Evans ###Stacked Dado Set Description. A stack dado set is two saw blades on the table saw or a radial arm saw. A series of chisel cutters are sandwiched between the

Standard Miter Set revised

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

The Standard Miter set is made from a block of aluminum approximately six inches by six inches. It has a miter slot down the middle of the block that runs from top to bottom. You can tell the bottom because it has the most blank space and if you run your

Table Saw Cross Cut Sleds

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

There is more than one kind of sled. Curtesy of Tom Vos The first type of cross cut sled might have a platform that spans the blade, with runners in both miter slots. This will provide for accurate cross cuts. ##Why use a sled. Since a miter gauge

Tapering Jig for the Table Saw

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

Cutting tapers on the table saw. I thought about how to do this for a long time. Then I read or heard an article on one of Larry's cds, (Isn't he great), about making legs or a table that were cut on a taper using a table saw and a taper jig. After hear

Thin Strip Ripping Jig

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

Rip Thin Strips Safely Many projects require thin strips: bent laminations, splines, edge banding, to name a few. Here's an approach that makes it easy to rip the strips on your table saw and keep the guard in place. Gotta love that. The key to saf