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3D ruler Review

Category(s): tools,Measuring and Marking

Step Gauge 3-D Ruler: Used to set hieght of router bits, table saw blades and other measurements. A new type of set-up block arrived in 2013. This ruler has two parts that can accurately measure heights and widths, which are useful for tool set-up. T

A Hands-On Eyes-Closed Description of a ShopSmith

Category(s): tools,informational

Standing in front of the tool, it is about 5.5 feet across, 2.5 feet deep, and 30 inches high. The main support consists of two flared steel legs with 2-inch steel tubes running horizontally, spaced about 8 inches apart, spanning left-to-right, about 1

Drill Press Speed Chart

Category(s): tools

This chart is for a drill press with a three pulley and two belt configuration. In the table below the spindle pulley is labeled from top to bottom with the letters D, C, B, and A. Both the idler pulley and motor pulley are labeled from top to botto

IGaging 6inch wireless caliper

Category(s): tools,Measuring and Marking,Accessible Tools

How to use the IGaging 100-800-B06 Bluetooth caliper with an IPhone . Caliper layout: There are 3 buttons on the IGaging Bluetooth caliper. Two of these are on the front of the caliper. The button on the left is the mode button. This switches b

Microplane sanding discs

Category(s): tools

The older I get, the less tolerant I am of certain things, and sanding wood tops my list. Choking on sawdust is bad enough, but there's also the tedium involved. So when a new product comes along that promises to make this work quicker and easier and les

Overview of the ShopBot CNC router Part 2

Category(s): tools,informational

This is part 2 of a recording of the ShopBot CNC router. [ShopBot CNC overview Part 2](http://ww4b.org/.otherfiles/cnc2.mp3) By Jean-Claude Provost June 6, 2018

Overview of the ShopBot part 1

Category(s): tools,informational

This is part 1 of a recording of the ShopBot CNC router by Jean-Claude Provost. [ShopBot CNC Router part 1](http://ww4b.org/.otherfiles/cnc1.mp3) June 6, 2018

Review Braille Caliper from National Braille Press

Category(s): tools,Measuring and Marking,Accessible Tools

I received my Braille Caliper today from National Braille Press. It is a rather clever little device. There is a plastic ruler 12 inches long plus a little bit at either end. It is about 1.25 inches wide, and maybe an eighth of an inch thick. There

Saw Stop ByPass Mode

Category(s): tools

a. Turn the Bypass Key clockwise and hold it for at least 1 second. Note: to prevent unauthorized use of the saw in Bypass Mode, remove the Bypass Key from the saw when not in use. b. While still holding the Bypass Key turned, pull the Start/

Talking Digital Multimeter

Category(s): tools,Accessible Tools

A talking multimeter for the blind handyman. This unit has been a favorite but has been unavailable for a while. As of July 2018 it is back. If you think you might need a multimeter some day we suggest you order it now. If you order by phone do not mentio