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Setting table saw blade angles with angle blocks

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###Using angle blocks to set table saw angles. I have a set of the Veritas angle blocks, Item Number 88N82.01 from Lee Valley Tools. The 10 blocks, each 3 inches long, come in a variety of angles so that by combining various blocks one can set any angle

The art of using wood glues

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This is an article from New Woodworker llc� about applying wood glues. Next to cutting wood, gluing it together is one of the most common of woodworking procedures. New woodworkers usually have a far better understanding of how to cut wood apart than

5 Types of Wood Glue: What to Know & How to Use Them

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When making a woodworking project, you need good joinery and good glue to hold your project together. But when it comes types of wood glue, there are many options out there. Today we’ll learn about the different types of glue woodworkers use, how to

Angle Cube by IGaging 3rd Generation

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This is a description of the IGaging third generation angle cube. This cube allows you to measure and set angles from 0 to 180degrees. With the addition of an IGaging data box and cable you can hear the readings on any device, such as a computer or Bra

Blade Alignment Check Tip

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Here's a blind-friendly tip from a Wood smith video for checking that your table saw blade is set exactly at 90 degrees. Just take a thick block of wood, say 2 by 2 or so, and make a crosscut. When you reposition the cutoff against the rest of the pie

Drill perfectly Straight Holes

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How do you drill a perfectly straight and accurate hole using a handheld drill? You use a jig. Recently, while building a Shaker writing table, I needed to drill dowel holes in the front faces of my table's legs, after the table was fully assembled.

Making a corner molding from a dowel

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Here is a tip I picked up on. Most of you probably already know. I was commissioned to build a clock. The plan called for the sides to be joined to the front with miter joints. My joints did not come out like they were supposed to. I decided to add

Making Raised Panel Doors with a Router

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I recently had to make a couple of raised panel doors for a project I was building. I had never done it before so I thought I would share what I learned. Maybe it will help someone else or at the very least help them not make as many mistakes as I did.

MLCSRaised panel bit description

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This is the raised panel part of the MLCS technical manual. Coping Sled and bits Copyright 2009 MLCS Ltd. Page 4 Rails & Stiles MLCS is proud to offer an extensive variety of bits to make rail and stile frames for doors. These frames use �cope an

Why not use just glue

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Can I Rely on Glue Alone for a Strong Wood-to-Wood Joint? By Louis Scrivani Information used from myself as well as the web. Modern adhesives are very strong, but smart joinery — a DOVETAIL, mortise-and-tenant joint or the equivalent —