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Dying Wood

Category(s): Finishing

Larry Martin explains how he uses water born dyes for coloring wood. I use Transfast water-soluble dyes, a product of Homestead Finishing Products, Homestead Finishing Products On-line the minimum size is 4 ounces but retailers such as Woodcraft or

When are you done sanding

Category(s): Finishing

When to Stop Sanding? Depending on the finish, probably earlier than you think by Ari Tuckman Sanding is most woodworkers *least-favorite* activity. I s dusty, boring, and time-consuming the sooner done, the better. But what is the right stopping poin

Working With Poplar

Category(s): Finishing,informational

By Chris Baylor, About.com Guide Poplar is a species of wood that is commonly used in woodworking. You can find poplar in many furniture projects, toys and wood turnings because it is inexpensive, fairly workable and takes nails, screws and glue well.

2016 Summer WorkShop

Category(s): informational

WW4B.org stands for Wood Working for the Blind and is a group of International woodworkers that were invited to attend the Enchanted Hills Camp in the newly renovated Arts Building. This event happened over a 3 day period August 24-26 where 14 top not

Molding Shapes Described

Category(s): informational

Here are some verbal descriptions of various molding shapes. I welcome any corrections or additions to these descriptions, particularly the instructions on how to trace the various shapes. In addition, please let me know if you want any other shapes descr

No Vision Required

Category(s): informational

No Vision Required Being blind doesn’t keep these woodworkers from building and carving By Kathleen Ryan Using knives and power tools in the dark might seem like a dangerously bad idea. However, more and more sight-impaired people are toppling that

Seventh Anual Summer Workshop

Category(s): informational

*Woodworking for the Blind Seventh Annual Summer Workshop Now Two Separate Sessions Fundamental and Advance All Members Invited *Woodworking Fundamentals Session Saturday, August 13, 2018 thru August 18, 2018 Welcoming Dinner Saturday evening Aug

Types of Wood for Woodworking

Category(s): informational

By Jeff Strong from Woodworking For Dummies Solid wood that is, wood cut into boards from the trunk of the tree makes up most of the wood in a piece of furniture. The type of wood you choose determines the beauty and strength of the finished piece. Ma

Wood Screw Pilot Hole Chart

Category(s): informational

This is an easy to read table for drilling pilot holes for wood screws in both softwood and hardwood. Screw Size | Pilot - Soft Wood | Pilot - Hard Wood| Screw = #0 Soft wood 1/64 Hardwood1/32 Screw = #1 Softwood 1/32 Hardwood 1/32 Screw = #2

Woodworking and Home Repairs

Category(s): informational

Woodworking and home repairs as an enjoyable and safe hobby for blind and visually impaired persons By: Gil Johnson The smell of saw dust from a freshly cut board; the sound of a sharp tool shaping wood; the touch and feel of a completed an indivi