Manual for Blind Woodworkers

This page contains links to the Manual for Blind Woodworkers Chapters 1, 2 and 3

This manual is a work in progress. It was started by the late Larry Martin, founder of Woodworking for the Blind, inc and input from some of our members. With the help from our members we hope to finish it some day soon.

Larry and other members have put a lot of work into this manual. There is great information here whether you’re a novice or a advanced woodworker.

Note: The following links will allow you to access different parts of the manual in multiple formats. There is a link to a zip file at the bottom of this page. This file contains all four chapters in Microsoft Word format.
To download the MP3’s or PDF’s right click on the link and go down to save target as. The middle key to the right of the space bar is the right mouse button.

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Chapter 2 Four Squaring Lumber

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