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woodpeckers Coping Sled Review

Category(s): Jigs and Templates

Review and instructions for woodpeckers Coping Sled. The bottom line. Awesome product. For those of you who might not know what a coping sled is, (like me in the beginning.) It is a must have item if you want to make raised panel doors on a router t

The Click Rule for Measuring

Category(s): Measuring and Marking,Accessible Tools

The Click Rule, from chapter 1 of the manual for blind woodworkers. The Click Rule is a metal tubular device seven and nine-sixteenths-inches long that houses a threaded steel rod that clicks at every one-sixteenth inch as it is moved to new settings

Wixey Digital Angle Cube (Blue Tooth)

Category(s): Measuring and Marking,Accessible Tools

Accessible digital angle cube for the blind. Finally a simple accurate way to set angles on tools such as your table saw blade. The Wixey blue tooth digital angle cube along with the free Wixey Talk app for your IPhone or Android makes this task fast

Wixey Digital Protractor (blue tooth)

Category(s): Measuring and Marking,Accessible Tools

A smart Protractor with Bluetooth (Model WR 41BT) The protractor has an 8 inch aluminum arms and digital display. With it's blue tooth connectivity along with the Wixey Talk app you can listen to the reed out on a smart phone with either an Apple de

Bird House Planter

Category(s): plans

###Description: The birdhouse planter when completed is about 29” long. It has a conventional peaked style bird house at each end with a small planter area in the center. The planter area is 4” x 4” x 18” and has two I-bolts near each end for h

Bird house information

Category(s): plans,informational

When constructing (or buying) a birdhouse, there are some very important things to keep in mind: List of 12 items • Make sure that the birdhouse has drainage slots or holes. You don't want any nestlings to drown during a sudden storm. • Make sure

Build a flippy Car

Category(s): plans

I bought a Flippy Car at a craft fair that would be a good gift item or good item to sell. The flippy car is about 3 inches long, 2 inches wide and about 2 inches tall. The little car runs down a slight incline and when it reaches the bottom it flips over

Ladder Desk – A Creation Story

Category(s): plans,informational

Ladder Desk – A Creation Story By Joe Schissler ##Overview This is the story of the creation of a desk that I built for my daughter, Erika. I am writing this to show others, both blind and sighted, that it is possible to safely build a fairly

Shadow Box Plan

Category(s): plans

This plan assumes you have a table saw. There are no dimensions given because you can make the box whatever size you want. We want to make the frame all from one board. So make sure it is at least twelve inches longer than the total length of all fo