eligibility Requirements

Certification of blindness or physical disability and in-ability to read normal printed material as a result can be made by any one of the following means:

(A) by providing evidence of eligibility for special-ized library service under existing definitions used by the United States National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress and its network of cooperating librar-ies, such as the person’s registration number, or for citizens of other countries, similar evidence from a governmental agency or a government recognized agency, or

(B) by providing evidence of membership in Re-cording for the Blind & Dyslexic® or Bookshare® for use of recorded materials from either organization, such as the person’s membership number, or for citizens of other countries, similar evidence from an organization with the primary mission of providing services to the blind, for example, a registration number issued by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind or similar organization, or

(c) by providing a certificate of blindness or physical handicap and inability to read normal printed material from a competent authority defined as medical physicians or doctors of medicine or os-teopathy, opthamologists or optometrists, regis-tered nurses, therapists, professional staff of hospi-tals, institutions and public or private welfare agen-cies (including social workers, case worker and counselors).

Individual Members must sign an Agreement to Re-spect Copyright Law in the following form:

member agreement (opens in a new tab)