Woodworking for the Blind

Home Decor Gallery

Chime Clock by Lenny McHugh

Chime clock

Oak wooden bucket by Ralph Haney

Oak Bucket

Bucket Handle

Knife Display Plaque by Ralph Haney

Knife Plaque without Knife

Finished Knife Plaque

Widow's Mite Coins Plaque by Lenny McHugh

Widow's Mite Coins

Tiger Maple Sugar Chest by Louis Scrivani

Tiger maple sugar chest

Sugar chest with the top open

Flag Display Case with Flag by Lenney McHugh

Flag Display Case

Stainde glass window frame by Lenny McHugh

Stained Glass Window Frame

Log Cabin Bird Feeder by Jim Burton

Log Cabin Bird Feeder

Feeder open

Artful Small Box by Robert Sapp

Artful Small Box

Back side of box

Oak Desk Set by Ralph Haney

Oak Desk Set

Wall Clock and Mantel clock by Mickey Fixsen

Wall Clock

Mantel Clock

Post office Box and Lazy Susan by Dennis Walker

Post office Box and Lazy Susan

Candle Holder by Tom Huhn

Candle Holder

Star Frame by Armando del Gobbo

Star poster frame

Figured Maple small box by Darrel Vickers

Figured Maple small box

Tea Box by Neville Davidson

Tea Box

Small Box by Jim Burton

Small box with drawers

Music Box by Louis Scrivani

Music Box

Small Box by Larry Martin

Small Box

Jewelry Box by Keith Melick

Jewrlry Box

Keep Sake Box by Keith Melick

keepsake box

Second keepsake box

Log Clock by Jim Samanich

Jim Moose Clock

Small Cross by Neville Davidson

Small Cross

Cross in progress

Doll Display Case by Jim Samanich

Doll Display Case

Bench by Jim Burton.

This is the winner of the 2012 Summer Project Challenge

Summer bench Challenge winner

Intel Reader Stand by Max Robinson

Intel Reader Stand

Reader in Stand