Woodworking for the Blind

Furniture Gallery

Headboard by Brian Buhrow

Brian holding headboard

Headboard attached to bed

Murphy Bed by Darrel Vickers

Murphy bed_closed

Murphy bed open

Dining Buffet by Darrel Vickers

Dining Buffet

Ladder Desk By Joe Schissler

Ladder Desk Angle View

Ladder Desk Cross Brace

Ladder Desk Desktop Pattern

Chest of Drawers by Dennis Walker

Chest With One Drawer Open

Front View of Chest

Side View of Chest

Walnut bench by Darrel Vickers

Walnut bench photo 1

Side view of bench

Close up of rose

Cherry TV Cabinet by Darrel Vickers

TV cabinet

< href="tv cabinet2.jpg"> TV cabinet

Restored Antique Desk by Darrel Vickers

Antique Desk

Computer Desk by Max Robinson

Empty Computer Desk

Desk with Computer Equipment in place

Tiger Maple Sugar Chest by Louis Scrivani

Tiger maple sugar chest

Sugar chest with the top open

Ash Table by Bob Kennedy

Ash Night Table

Stand-up Writing Desk by Larry Martin

Writing Desk

An Older Stand-up Writing Desk.

Older Writing Desk

Desk by Dean Pederson


Head Board by Dean Peterson

Head Board

Entertainment Center by Dean Peterson

TV Cabinet Doors Open

TV Cabinet Inside

One of Three Bookcases by Max Robinson

Book Case

Sue's Teddy Bear Table by Max Robinson

Teddy Bear Table

Toy Box by Darrel Vickers

Ultimate Toy Box Front

Toy box side view

Footstool by Max Robinson

Foot Stool

Bunk Bed by Gil Johnson

Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Ladder

Puzzle Table by Max Robinson

Sues Puzzle Table

Gift Table by Armando del Gobbo

Gift Table

Night Stands by Keith Melick.

Night Stands

Baby Cradle by Jim Samanich

Baby Cradle

Furnature by Vance Eller


Display Cabinet


Rustic Coffee Table by Duane Mattingly

Rustic Coffee Table

Inlayed End Table by Ron Faulkner

Inlayed end table

TV Cabinet by Lenny McHugh

TV and Component Cabinet

Cherry Bed by Dennis Walker

Cherry Bed

Second picture of the Cherry bed

Poker Table by Dennis Walker

Poker Table

Baby Cradle by Bob Kennedy

Baby Cradle

Night Stands by Bob Kennedy

Night Stands

Plant Stand by Lenny McHugh

Karen's Plant Stand