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 man waring sun glasses ripping a board on a table saw
The vision that creates is not in our eyes, it's the vision in our mind's eye that gives it life.
man waring sun glasses measuring with a click rule

Our Mission

To support visually impaired people get the most out of the wonderful pleasure of woodworking through out the world.

Whether you just want to get started or you are a journeyman woodworker we can provide information to help you.
Perhaps you have been woodworking all your life as a sighted person and for some reason you are losing or have lost your vision. You can still continue to enjoy your craft safely and successfully.
A blind or visually impaired woodworker uses the same tools and power equipment as a sighted person. The only real difference is how we mark and measure.

What We Offfer

Our Library:

Woodworking for the Blind Inc. provides free MP3 recordings of current woodworking publications exclusively for the use of blind and visually impaired woodworkers.

Our library contains over 2,100 recordings with over 600 hours of content for members.
This content includes;
Recordings of Fine Woodworking magazine, Woodwork magazine, Woodsmith magazine, Woodworking magazine, American Woodworker magazine and Woodcraft magazine and are recorded in MP3 format.
All recordings include the text of woodworking articles on techniques and design, how-to-build-it articles, tips, tool reviews, shop methods, finishing advice, woodworker profiles and other general features. Recordings include descriptions of the many photos and illustrations that accompany the magazine articles.
All articles are recorded individually and we have a searchable index. In addition we have made some compilations on a given topic as well as member favorites.
We also have some books not available from other sources like "A Splintered History of Wood by Spike Carlsen.
A Complete guide to Finishing by Charles Neil Woodworking Charles is a friend of WW4B and has generously let us post some of his content.

Woodworking Forum

The primary way members support each other is through our Yahoo Group forum. From Novice woodworker to Nenja class craftsmen, everyone is welcome.
We can ask questions, answer questions and otherwise have a good time discussing woodworking.
To Subscribe to the forum, send an email to: Subscribe

Woodworking Manual

The members of Woodworking for the blind are working on a manual to help a blind or visually impaired person get started in woodworking. It is a work in progress but we do have a few chapters finished.
The chapter on measuring and marking can be very useful for craftsman of all levels. The Introduction and first three chapters are both written and recorded. Just click on the WW4B manual tab from the navigation menu above.

Woodworking Work Shop

** Special Announcement! **

Now excepting registrations for our 2017 summer Work Shop!
We are returning to the lovely Enchanted Hills camp in Napa, California
Hosted by George Wurtzel and Brian Buhrow (San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind) at their newly expanded, spacious workshop at Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa, California
Hurry! Space is limitted.
Now Two Separate Sessions All Members Invited
Advanced Woodworking Session Monday, August 21, thru Saturday August 26, 2017 Welcoming Dinner Monday evening August 21
Advanced Registration form
Woodworking Fundamentals Session Saturday, August 26, thru August 31, 2017 Welcoming Dinner Saturday evening August 26
Fundamentals Registration Form
Each Session Has 4 Full Days of Meetings, Discussions, Instructions, Technique Sharing, Meals and Refreshments
Summer Workshop Fee $350 Includes Workshop Facilities, Instruction, Meals and Lodging
Price Does not include transportation to Napa.
Fly to either San Francisco or Oakland Airport Arrival Transportation to Napa Available Through Evans Airporter Service Evens Transportation
Spouses and Companions are Welcome! Spouses and Companions $150
For more information contact:
Read about our last work-shop in 2016

Individual woodworking classes with George Wurtzel are offered through out the year. For more information contact:
George Wurtzel web site
San Francisco’s LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Read more about Enchanted Hills Retreat here


For further information or for a Membership Application to join Woodworking for the Blind contact us at woodworkingfortheblind@comcast.net
or simply click Here to become a member